This is a sixth generation Ford Ranchero.
It’s all gussied up like the General Lee (well, except for the missing battle flag on the roof).
And it was just sitting in the Fan.

I’m not sure what else to say. Something about that big tailgate makes it look like there’s a lot more room in here than in the competitor it inspired: The Chevy El Camino. Moreover, combining any one of the big engines Ford put in these with the capability to hold more payload without being a truck just seems smart.

I can’t place the grille though. I can’t find an example of it anywhere.

EDIT: From a reader here in Richmond comes this interesting tidbit -

"The grille, front panel, hood, and fenders are actually from a Mercury Cougar of similar vintage.  The Cougar and Ranchero (as well as the LTD II and the contemporary Thunderbird) shared a platform, and the doors and body curvature match well enough that the front clips are interchangeable. I’ve seen pictures of similar swaps before and it’s a pretty cool look compared to the somewhat odd vertical stacked lamps of the standard Ranchero.



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