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My daughter was in an art camp at the Visual Arts Center in the Fan (which she loved, by the way) and my son and I were again left to our own devices. We saw this (I think) 1970 GMC Jimmy at a repair shop nearby. I was immediately smitten ‘cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these with this grille. He kinda thought it looked like Jean Louise, my Scout II. I explained that this was nearly as cool. It was a funny association to make since the Scout was created to compete with the Jeeps of its day and the Jimmy was designed to compete with the Scouts of its day.

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We’ve been moving and things have been really hectic for the last few weeks. Sorry for the lack of posts.

My son and I were doing some new-house related stuff and we came across this VW Type 2 parked right behind this Type 3 near Libbie and Grove. He immediately preferred the bus and I the car. His newfound opinion may have something to do with the calendar of Type 2s he got for Christmas. I’m chalking it up to raising him right.

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The kids and I were on the way to have dinner with my aunt and grandmother and we passed this on her street in Glen Allen. The kids are used to the hasty, “You guys wait here.” while I rush out and snap some pictures so it wasn’t a big deal.

I had a friend who owned a 1977 Toyota E30 (Corolla) liftback just like this, except hers was grey. I always loved the simplicity of this car. It was the third generation of cars to bear the Corolla name. It never occurred to me - though it probably should have - that there’s a place in Japan called Toyota City, and that’s where the ones sold here in the States came from.

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It’s getting hot here in Richmond and the kids are restless. My kids, anyway. They hate having a bedtime before the sun goes down so my wife and I are working harder to tire them out. This past weekend, we made them go for more mulberries.

While we were out wandering in our neighborhood, we saw this second generation Ford Thunderbird. “Haven’t I told you about it before?” she asked. ‘We see it every day on the walk to school.” She had not told me about it and I was thrilled to see it.

This one’s a 1958. Again, as with so many cars of the period, you can see the influence of the space race one the design. This is clearly what the future looked like in the late 50s. I’d be the designers would be peeved to find that we don’t have personal jetpacks these days.

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I almost drove by this second generation Mercury Capri in Woodland Heights. I’d dismissed it in my head for a Mustang and half a block later decided to circle back just to make sure. My favorite Capri is the first generation, but the second gen with the “bubbleback” is a close second.

I’m not sure, but I think this is an ‘80.

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Usually, this time of year, the kids and I go picking mulberries to make preserves. They grow wild in the alleys of Woodland Heights so it gives them a sense of purpose for an hour or two and it tires their little legs out. But they can eat as many of the icky little fruits as they like while we walk. It’s a win-win.

This time, we saw this 1958 GMC pickup that’s been converted to a camper. And once again, I was pretty sure it belonged to one of my old students. I met Andre as a 9th grader but he’s an accomplished artist in his own right and teaching at the Tyler School of Art.

Anyway, I completely forgot to leave him a card and I know he’s on his way back north with this, but it sure was cool to see it firsthand. I think the lettering on the badges is amazing.

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As I have said before, I’ll always post the IH vehicles I come across and I’ve never been really enamored of the Traveler. But this one was really nice. The fiberglass top was in great shape, it was riding on the same BFG tires I use, the body was pretty much flawless. A far cry from the last one I’d seen.

It was near the Boulders Office park and I saw it on the way to pick my son up from daycare.

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Despite all the time that I spend talking to the folks at Scoutco LLC in Harrisonburg, VA, I just don’t see that many International Harvester Scout 800s. I think there’s only been one other on this blog.

This one was near Carytown when the kids and I were driving out to meet my wife.

I know that IH made these between ‘65 and ‘68 so I’ll just wait for someone smarter than me to tell me exactly what year this one is. Not that it matters. Whoever owns this truck is gonna have a great summer. I guarantee it.

EDIT: Ty says, “The green 800 you have pictured is a ‘70 or ‘71 800B. Dead giveaway is the rectangular side marker lights." So there you have it.

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I think it’s probably a rule that if you drive a 1981 (at least, I think this is a 1981) DeLorean DMC-12, that you hafta have Back to the Future jokes ready to go. The owner of this one sure does. The license plate, “JIGAWAT” and the decals on the rear windows were a delightful addition to seeing the car in the Fan. I couldn’t resist touching it - usually a no-no with other people’s cars - and the 304 stainless steel didn’t disappoint.

I was surprised to find (though I probably shouldn’t have been) that there’s a thriving community for enthusiasts of these cars. Should you be in the market, you can buy one here.

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Call me Ishmael.

No, seriously, I felt like I’d found a white whale when I saw this 1969 AMC AMX. Prior to this, I’d only ever read about them. I’d never seen one in real life. I’m old enough to remember when Pacers were pretty common. Same for Gremlins and the other host of stuff the American Motor Corporation made in the 80s, but I’d never seen this.

My daughter wasn’t late for gymnastics, either.